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Joshua Cuthbert – Director, North Oz Projects

Wakemaker Marine has carried out fabrication tasks for our Company for several years including access equipment, custom made pump stands and skids, specialised hand rails and ramps. Wakemaker Marine has always been able to provide a quality product fit for purpose at not only a competitive price, but always on time to meet our transport schedules.

Geoff Glazier – Executive Director, Abrolhos Island Pearls Pty Ltd

When Abrolhos Island Pearls needed to modify our 7 metre aluminium research vessel “RV Snipe” to include better weather protection for those on board and to mount a six man life raft for increased safety at sea, I approached Mark Nash of Wakemaker Marine to design and carry out the modifications. I had strong reservations about disturbing the established stability of the vessel and the ability to blend the modifications into the vessel’s lines while maintaining the strength of the superstructure. Mark and his team impressed me with their understanding of my requirements, offering alternates and suggestions to my initial concept that vastly improved the finished design.

The workmanship that followed during the modifications was very impressive – those reading this will know all boats are not necessarily symmetrical and adding modifications that match and “fit well” requires a high level of shipwright skills.

Mark and his unique team enthusiastically produced a very high level of workmanship for our project – and in a cost effective and timely manner. I have since used Wakemaker Marine to replace fuel tanks in an American fiberglass vessel we use and again I was very pleased with the knowledge and advice given that allowed the task to be completed with minimal structural change to the vessel.

I would encourage anyone considering a new vessel, or modifying an existing vessel, to seriously consider putting Wakemaker Marine on top of the list of local companies who have demonstrated the skills, ability and the pride to undertake your marine fabrication work.

Dave Frewin – Albatross Charters

When seeking quotes for our marine vessels I look for four things:

  1. Professionalism
  2. Enthusiasm
  3. Quality Work
  4. Competitive Pricing

That’s why the team at Wakemaker Marine get our business  everytime

Brett Martin – Saltwater Marine Fremantle WA

Having owned and operated Saltwater Marine in Fremantle for over 25 years, customer service is our number 1 priority and the contractors we use are a direct reflection of our company.
We have been using Mark Nash from Wakemaker marine exclusively for all our aluminium repairs and selected boat building for over 5 years.

Mark has a total understanding of aluminium boat building with over 20 years in the business.

To put it bluntly – there is no one else I would trust!

Phil Grantham – Owner of Cobia

I bought a ten metre aluminium boat with electrolysis and after visits by two experts I was told that it would be best to scrap the boat. I asked around and was told to ring Mark Nash of Wakemaker Marine. Mark’s advice was to re-sheet the hull with 6mm plate and it was a much better option than scrapping the boat. I did have the boat surveyed and it came up all good and seaworthy.

Mark and his team did this plus the transom to perfection – not a crinkle or a bubble nor a leak of any kind. The bottom looks as new and Mark also doubled the size of the chines for stability. The boat now performs beautifully in all seas and has done a trip to the Kimberleys and will be doing many more. To Mark and his team, I can’t thank you enough and I would recommend Mark’s work to anyone.

John Bruinsma

Mark has built a magnificent Island Cab 7.5m boat for our family.

All through the design, construction and delivery stages we were impressed by Mark’s professional and personal attention to detail.

It’s a great boat which will be enjoyed by our family for many years.

Geoff Booth

In 2009 I chose Mark Nash from Wakemaker Marine to design and build an Aluminium boat. I wanted a versatile craft, but above all it needed to be built to high standards and be able to handle typical W.A. offshore conditions. He produced a great result. The finish was beyond fault, the hull design was the latest available and the extras were built with both style and function. I have now had the boat for 6 years and have had 3 new motors and replacement carpet in that time, but I will not be changing the boat. Despite some really hard work, the boat has remained in great shape, and still attracts admirers. The extra width handrails, the large kill tank, large freshwater and fuel tanks and the little extras that Mark suggested have made this a great boat. If I ever build another boat he will be the first person I call

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